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Exchange Projects

School year 2018/2019

Exchange Project with Duisburg-Germany

The exchange with Duisburg Mannesmann Gymnasium has turned 10!

This school year the first part of the exchange took place in October, from the 4th to the 8th, when a group of students from the 3rd and 4th years flew to Düsseldorf with two teachers and were hosted by their German partners.

We had the chance to visit Düsseldorf and admire the stunning view from the Rhine Tower, Cologne with its Gothic Cathedral and the Olympic Museum and, of course, Duisburg city centre.

An international exchange is a short but intense and enriching experience which allows you to get to know a new country, people with different habits and to practise English, which is the language we use to communicate with our German mates.

In February, from the 15th to the 21st, we hosted our partners  in Italy. It was easier than in Germany as our friendship had already been consolidated and we had great fun together.

We took them to Turin, Milan,  we visited Pinerolo historical centre and we had some parties together.

We all hope our friendship will last!

Exchange final video.wmv



School year 2016/2017

During this year our school has cooperated with partner schools in Germany and Poland.

Here you can read a report of the activities of the groups:


Exchange Project with Duisburg-Germany

The exchange between Liceo Scientifico Maria Curie and Duisburg's Gymnasium started seven years ago and involves third year students.

Originally for our students of the German language, it has now become very popular as a cultural exchange for those who want to improve their English and live a short but intense experience in a lively town in the heart of the Rhine Valley.

As well as attending school with our exchange partners, the group of approximately 20 Italians and 20 Germans, accompanied by our English teachers, visited local towns such as Cologne, Düsseldorf and Oberhausen and took part in leisure activities; but we were also left some free time to spend with our welcoming host families and discover how different their habits are from ours.

This year the exchange took place in early March (from 2/3/2017 to 7/3/2017) and we are looking forward to seeing our German friends again at the end of September and showing them Pinerolo, Turin and our lifestyle!

(Emily Coviello, 3Enr)


Exchange project Liceo Scientifico Statale “Maria Curie” Pinerolo – VII Liceum Bialystok (Poland)

-Dzień dobry. (1)

What does it mean? What are they saying? How do we answer? They look like guys like us and yet we can not understand them.

-Jak się masz? (2)

What language is that? Of course it is Polish!

That is how the experience that has allowed us to know a foreign culture began.

In mid-March, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of Polish students from the 7th High School in Białystok. They visited our school, attended with us some English lessons and listened to the classical music concert organized by our schoolmates. We showed them the most characteristic places in our region and we also offered them our typical dishes.

During the time spent together we created a friendship that was reinforced in the second phase when we went to Poland to visit their city, Bialystok and their region, Podlachia, with its artistic and natural beauties, such as the primeval forest of Białowieża.

As in every trip there were some positive aspects, such as visiting museums, admiring the landscapes and tasting the characteristic dishes but there were also some less pleasurable aspects like the climate, a little colder even though we were at the end of April.

It was, however, a very special experience that marked us positively, as we were able to communicate with peers in English and to express our thoughts, our ideas and emotions. We therefore recommend that everyone try it at least once.

A thank you to our prof. Demarchi and Micera who accompanied us in this experience and Prof. Vattano who coordinated the reception concert.

Pożegnanie. (3)

Bertalmio Paolo, Bertrand Giulia, Crosetti Giulia, Galfione Martina, class 2 Cnr

(1) Good morning.

(2) How are you?

(3) Goodbye.